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Patience exists in the core of nature's life cycle itself ,let me tell you how?

A mother waits 9 months to take her baby into her hands and baby waits too without loosing hope.

Patience is enduring critical circumstances without loosing hope, It is personal trait.

Patience begins with Tears and ends with smile -Spanish proverb.

patience is when we used to wait for a letter from a far friend or relative through mailbox.

Exams are conducted to improve patience of the student ,Thats why education is so important ,the more you read the more you became educated and gain lot of patience.

Especially during the Covid-19 ,we need more patience particularly the millennial's who most effected.

Below are some tips :

1.Plant a tree ,water daily and observe.

2.Bake a cake or cookie.

3.Breath ,pause ,breath, continue technique.

4.Read a book .

5.Be mindful.

6.Watch for triggers.

7.Split goals into small parts and practice, know that nothing can happy in overnight.

8.Do important things first according to your time and energy.

9.Delay the gratification.

“Genius is eternal patience.” – Michelangelo

"To lose patience is to lose the battle.”-Mahatma Gandhi

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